50ft Spider-Man Obstacle Course
50ft Spider-Man Obstacle Course


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Actual Size: 50’L x 11’W x 17’H

Outlets: 2


Swing into action with our 50ft Spiderman Obstacle Course; an exciting and thrilling attraction designed for kids of all ages who love fighting crime with their friendly neighborhood Spiderman. This inflatable obstacle course features a series of obstacles that challenges participants to use their “Spidey-Sense”  to navigate through the course.Participants begin their adventure by crawling through the entrance with Spidey on the front in his famous pose, which opens up to a large bounce area and then a small climb and slide, where you're greeted by 2 of the Amazing Spiderman’s toughest villains: Carnage and Venom pop ups. Dip, dodge, and dive past or through them and escape under a tunnel and then venture up a large climbing wall leading to the slide. While traversing upwards, riders can spot Spiderman watching over them as they make their ascent. Once at the top of the slide, riders prepare to swing and slide to safety, with a water misting system that sprays as they slide down into the fun U- shaped splash zone (or if using dry, riders simply slide down like normal with no water). Our inflatable spiderman obstacle course is a fun and challenging attraction that will keep participants engaged and entertained for hours. Whether it's for a birthday party, school event, or community festival, this inflatable course is sure to be a hit with kids as they race through it and for the adults to watch them conquer and leap over the New York City skyscraper skyline with Spiderman.

Can be used Wet or Dry

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