Frequently Asked Rental Questions

The following are a list of frequently asked questions and answers regarding party rentals from Franklin Inflatables. You can check the list for these common questions and their related answers. However this list is in no way complete, so if your specific question is not answered here, please call us and we will be happy to address your concerns.

Yes, we require a $50 security deposit to take a reservation. Your reservation is not confirmed until the deposit has been received. If the deposit is not received within seven days, we will give you a courtesy call. You then have 24 hours to pay the deposit to remain on the schedule. After 24 hours, the rental is forfeited.

Our deposit return/forfeiture guidelines are as follows:

* If customer cancels due to rain before the delivery is in route, a 100% refund is afforded to the renter.

* If customer cancels due to rain while delivery is in route, refund is not afforded to customer, however, deposit amount is applied toward the next rental within 1 calendar year.

* If customer cancels after delivery truck has arrived, no refund of deposit is given.

* If customer cancels after inflatable is set up, 2 times the deposit amount is due to Franklin Inflatables.

Please bear in mind, there are different circumstances behind every cancellation. We will always do our best to be fair to all of our customers. We are also mindful of the fact that we are in business to earn enough dollars to keep the lights on, thus, we will not refund deposits unless they meet the guidelines above.
You need at least a 20 x 20 area for most of our Inflatables.

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